A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. What Do Your Listing Photos Say About Your Home?

Today’s home buyers are more savvy than ever before. And more and more are moving online to begin their home search, relying on images to give them an initial glimpse into the promise that a home may hold for their family.

While I’ve always maintained that home staging is an important part of the selling process, in this digital age its importance has grown exponentially.  And just as important as staging is quality photography that will showcase your home to online viewers. The combination of a beautifully staged home and good photography to accompany your listing can generate greater interest, more showings and a higher offer.

But, not all Realtors get it right. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the smallest details which can affect your photos. And when photography goes bad, the results are, well….hilarious (as long as it’s not YOUR home). Check out a few examples below of what NOT to do when it comes to listing photos.


banana peel

Details are important…anyone notice the banana peel IN the light fixture??


sideways photo

This million dollar listing is beautiful…just tilt your head to the left.


realtor in the mirror

Nice bathroom….is the realtor included?


fuzzy kitchen

This might be a great kitchen. Squint…maybe you can see its potential.


kitchen panoramic

Panoramic photography can be great….if done right.


Photos courtesy of BadMLS.com

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