An Exotic Journey: Designing Across the Globe

Over the years, my career has taken me to interesting places and introduced me to some wonderful people.  Several years ago, I did a design project for a client on Johns Island. Through that project we formed an amazing friendship and often traveled together, including a trip to Africa.

Not long ago, my friend visited India and fell in love with the country and its people.  She felt a strong desire to spend more time there working with impoverished and orphaned children in the area.  She purchased a lot and started building her new home. When she asked me to help her with the design, I was thrilled by the prospect of this new adventure!

We’ve begun sourcing and specifying materials and as the project has progressed I’ve been surprised by many things in the building process. Doing business a world away hasn’t been as overwhelming as I thought it might be.

I’m planning a visit to India this April for a period of 2 weeks, when we’ll finalize the selection of furnishings, textiles, and rugs. We are going for a very traditional Indian flair – using bold colors, silks, and rich textiles.  I’ll be documenting my trip and look forward to sharing my photos and experiences!

Until then, check out the progress being made on the construction.



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