Building a New Home: The Key to a Successful Project

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Building a “new“ home, whether new construction or an extensive renovation, can be exciting. Unfortunately, such a large scale project can also come with more than its fair share of stress and at times can seem overwhelming.

With a little preparation on the front-end, you can get the home you’ve always dreamed of, and maybe even enjoy the process.

Bud Detriech, AIA and contributor, outlined his 7 steps for creating a new home in a recent article on Houzz. He offers some great advice which you can check out here. I agree with his suggestions, but definitely feel that there is one key component to ensuring a smooth building project – and that is putting together the best team for your job.

Although “do-it-yourself” is all the rage, it’s not always realistic. Being your own contractor is a lot like representing yourself in court – you will often find yourself with a fool for a client. The best advice I can offer is to hire a qualified professional to run your job.

The right team is essential to getting not only a great finished product, but also to ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible. Choose the best person for the job – don’t just consider price as you evaluate contractors, designers, or architects. Get references for projects similar to yours. If you want a “green” home, make sure your builder has experience in sustainability practices. Just because they do high-end projects doesn’t mean they are knowledgeable in these specialized areas.

Once you hire your team, remember that you hired them for a reason. Be part of the team, not a dictator. Communicate your wants and needs, and then trust them to advise you based on their experience. The process is always more enjoyable and successful when you work together.


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